Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sandcastle #10, Series of Sandcastles

Vik Muniz. Sandcastle #10, Series of Sandcastles. Photograph. 2014.

I choose this piece because I found the light sketch of the castle against the dark, textured background interesting. While the image is appealing, it wasn’t until I did further research on the piece that I was amazed. This image is actually a magnified photograph of a single grain of sand in which Vik Muniz, with help of Marcelo Coelho, engraved his sketch. The process in which they did this is extremely interesting to me as Muniz used the camera lucida, which is a 19th century device used before photography was invented to sketch objects placed in front of you. With this sketch, Marcelo Coelho used a  Focused Ion Beam to etch the sketch into the actual grain of sand. The magnified picture was then taken and printed as a 71x86 9/10 inch photograph.

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