Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Karissa Scialpi

I am very interest in the “David” by Michelangelo. This sculpture interests me because I was able to see it in person this summer. While I studied abroad in Italy this summer, I visited the Accademia Gallery in Florence where the "David" is located. The "David" is an astonishing representation of Renaissance art. Michelangelo used realism and the study of anatomy to make the "David". It was obvious to me that Michelangelo studied the anatomy of the body very carefully. It is said that Michelangelo studied dead bodies to ensure realism in his sculptures. What draws me into this sculpture is the gaze that David has on his face. David seems to be very relaxed and glancing the other way. This is the depiction of him getting ready for an unexpected enemy to approach him. There is also exaggerated realism in this sculpture. For example, David's hands are anatomical larger than they should be. Michelangelo did this to depict David as strong and powerful. I was able to see all of the muscles and some outlines of veins of the "David". The "David" was also much larger than I expected it to be. The "David" is about three times the size of a normal man. I had an amazing time at the Accademia and it was a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope to visit again.

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