Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Costume Party

George Segal. The Costume Party. Sixfigures, mixed media: painted plaster, wood, glass, photo, helmet, boots. 1965-72

Segal is best known fore his life size figures, like the one seen in the photo.  In order to create these figures, Segal actually posed models and wrapped them in plaster bandages in sections. Once the bandages hardened he would piece the sections together to form a final sculpture. I found this sculpture interesting because it is different than many of the other sculptures created by Segal. Most of Segal’s life size figures are white. I found it interesting that this was the first of his sculptures to be fully painted. The title, the positioning, and the colors of these sculptures are also interesting. Unlike this sculpture, many of Segal’s sculptures are placed in locations that match the scene he is depicting and in a way make ‘sense,’ while this sculpture is more difficult to understand.

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