Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Jeff Koons. Gazing Ball (Snowman). Plaster and glass. 2013

This sculpture is one of several from an exhibition Koon named “Gazing Ball. ” All of the sculptures in the exhibition are white plaster with a blue gazing ball strategically placed. The sculptures the gazing ball are placed on are of wide variety including mailboxes, a birdbath and Apollo. When looking at the picture of the sculpture it is an interesting contrast of white and the bright blue ball. While they were interesting to look at, it wasn’t until I watched a short video on them that I understood the use of the gazing ball and how the image changed as the viewer looked from different angles. In some of the sculptures when the viewer looks at it from the front, there is little of the sculpture reflected and the viewer mostly sees a reflection of himself or herself but as the viewer changes their angle, the part of the sculpture reflected is different.

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