Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jeff Koons Cracked Egg

I love the creativity and imagination that Jeff had when making this piece; although, the background is my favorite. According to a New York Times magazine, Jeff Koons writes that this particular work of art is one of his favorites that he made in college. It was prepared on a 80 square foot canvas, that stood up to ten feet tall and took him about four to five months to make before it was sculpted. When Jeff finally finished this project, the man hanging it up for the public, slipped off the ladder and dropped the painting. Jeff then started over a few weeks later and realized he didn't have the patience anymore for it so he quit. After talking to his professor, he finished the piece for the second time about a year later and put it out for display. In 2003 Jess sold his "Cracked Egg" for over $500,000 in London. I enjoyed reading about this project and seeing all of his different pieces.

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