Tuesday, September 8, 2015

 Caryl Fisher

The sculpture in the text that caught my eye the most was the "Ecstasy of Saint Teresa" by artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini depicting a "swooning nun" and an angel with a spear. Bernini began the sculpture in 1647 and was completed in 1652, and it currently stands in the Cornaro Chapel in Rome. I like this piece because for several reasons, the first being that the drama and emotion captured is theatrical and amazing. There are several interpretations of what Bernini's intent was when creating this, the most widely believed being that he was trying to encapsulate the feeling of divine joy gained from worship. Another reason I like this piece is because of its sheer size, this statue is an impressively massive piece and the dedication and time it took to create this is admirable. Finally, I like that the piece is not only made up of the sculpture itself but also the use of the surroundings to bring add to it, such as the natural lighting above it and the marble and paintings surrounding it.

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