Monday, September 7, 2015

Alicia Walker

The sculpture that I saw in the book that caught my eye was "The Little 14-Year-Od Dancer" by Degas. This sculpture has so much detail in it that it is amazing. The texture of the tutu is remarkable and could pass as a real one. The top on the girl has such detail in it down the buttons on the chest. Her hair seems to be pulled back in a ballerina bun. This sculpture portrays a young dancer perfectly. The pose of the young girl looks as though she is interested to learn dance but also doesn't want to mess up so she is paying close attention to whatever is being demonstrated in front of her. The back is arched slightly with the chest protruding out which is the position that a dancer would normally assume. Degas's eyesight was starting to fail him when he created this sculpture so it is said that he did this figure he had to create it mostly by touch which is amazing and takes such talent. Degas did call sculpture "a blind man's art" which seems to be true in this case. I personally love this sculpture because it reminds me of the days that I used to dance. The only detail that I do not like on this sculpture is how the young girl's eyes are closed. I would imagine that the girl's eyes would be open wide with excitement and interest to see what she is going to learn. Other than that small detail I truly did love this sculpture.

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