Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rhythm 0 (1974)

While I find some performance art difficult to understand, I like some of Marina Abramovic’s pieces. I feel that some of her performances are not only artwork but a sort of psychological experiment. I chose Rhythm 0 because I found it extreme but also like the psychological aspect of it. In this performance Abramoivic stood completely still in a gallery. She left 72 objects on a table with the instructions to the audience that she was an object and that they could do anything they wanted to her and she would take full responsibility for six hours. Among those objects was a loaded gun. It is interesting that in the first few hours of the exhibition, the audience is respectful but as time goes on, the crowd becomes more malicious even cutting her with knives and placing the loaded gun in her hand. Abramoivic states that at the end of the exhibit when she started to act like herself again, like a real person that the crowd dispersed quickly, unable to face her.

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