Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Daisy Chain: Kiki Smith

This piece of art was designed by Kiki Smith and was named  Daisy Chain. I enjoy her works because Kiki explores the different ways of life and expresses them in her art. Both her paint images and sculptures are all of the human body, illustrating a universal humanity through their personal experiences through life. This sculpture is made of 100 feet of steel and dark metal; and illustrates the fight for freedom during a time of sexism and violence. The hands in the sculpture are reaching out, almost as if this woman is waiting for something or someone to come save her, hoping for freedom. The use of chains represents the battles that people fought for everyday just for their own freedom. Each piece has its own individual story on why it was originally made. Her work is performed to leave a message and inspire people to stop and realize the obstacles people went through to live a peaceful life; her works create a colorful background into the art community.

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