Wednesday, December 9, 2015


"Good-bye" was my favorite of all the works I saw on your website. I especially liked it when it was clay and you could see the little details. In the close up of the father and daughter's hands, you can see her sleeve that has extremely realistic detailing. It seems carelessly perfect but having worked with clay, I know how hard it is to make something seem so natural and random. Also, in the close up of the father's face you can clearly see his facial expression which conveys an emotion I'm not sure how to label because I don't think I've ever felt it before. As a whole, I really liked that the father was not drastically taller than his daughter. You conveyed that he was a hero and an idol to her without him having to be overpowering. The way their hands are still just barely touching when their bodies are leaning in their own opposite directions helps convey the fear of the unknown when someone goes to war.

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